OXFORD City considers hundreds of planning applications every year. 

They range from chopping down trees to building extensions, new houses and changes to shops and businesses. 

But what about those that fail? 

Here, we look at four more of the projects that were thrown out by the council in the last few weeks.

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Applicants have the right to appeal the decision.


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Where is it?  56 Ferry Road Oxford

What is it? Application for a new single-storey extension

What didn't the council like about it?

Planning officers said there wasn't enough information about the extension plan sent for them to make up their mind about whether the building work would be allowed. Therefore they said no.

Neighbours didn't submit any formal complaints. 


Where is it?  Oxford International College, Cherwell House 1 London Place Oxford

What is it? The college wanted to replace the windows on the mid 20th Century building located on the north side of St Clement’s Street.

They wanted to replace the existing aluminium windows and doors with aluminium and PVC windows and doors in a white finish.

The college pleaded with the council, saying: "Modern times call for more careful consideration of our environment and how we look after it.

"One main problem that is common in all aspects of life is energy loss. It’s expensive, unnecessary, wasteful and damages the environment.

"By improving building techniques, using higher energy rated products and creating higher quality installations, we can reduce this loss."

What didn't the council like about it? 

Everything. They said the replacement windows were 'wholly inappropriate' and would ruin the character of the conservation area. 

Planners said: "The replacement windows would be of a wholly inappropriate design which would increase the building's incongruous and harmful impact to the detriment of the special character and appearance of the conservation area and the setting adjacent grade II listed buildings.

"The less-than-substantial harm caused would not be outweighed by the improvements in energy efficiency, particularly given that these improvements could be achieved by other much less harmful means."


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Where is it? Land To The Rear Of 13 Circus Street, Oxford

What is it? The plan was to build a two-storey extension behind the building to use as two new flats

What didn't the council like about it? 

Planners felt it would feel 'cramped' and that it was overdevelopment of the site.

They said the scale, mass, site coverage and position would be 'uncharacteristic and an unduly prominent development' in the conservation areas. 

They also had a problem with the balconies, and were worried that people living there wouldn't have 'space to enjoy the balcony reasonably'.


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Where is it? 169 Windmill Road Oxford

What is it? An application to knock down a garage and replace it with a single storey extension

What didn't the council like about it?

Council officers didn't like the 'depth, scale, massing and flat roof design', which they said would make the extension 'overly bulky' and not look attractive.

It also wouldn't reflect the character of the main house, they said.