THE breeder of a Labrador puppy who was beaten to death with a slipper has spoken of her outrage after the killer was jailed yesterday. 

The woman, who asked not to be named, told this paper that she was 'devastated' by what happened and shocked at what she saw as a lenient sentence.

Callum Gerken, 27, of Wood Farm, Oxford, was sent to prison for 23 weeks after admitting causing the 17-week-old Shadow to suffer and sending threatening messages via WhatsApp. 

He smacked the dog with a slipper repeatedly and then refused to take her to the vet while he was meant to be looking after her in April this year. 

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The woman, who bred the dog from her own Labrador, said: "I couldn't believe he only got 23 weeks. Two years would have been more appropriate."

Shadow was given to its new owner after a former family pet had died and she was treasured by two children, aged just 6 and 8.

A post-mortem found the dog had died from fractured ribs, a fractured jaw and a ruptured liver, according to the woman.

She added: "We are all devastated. We couldn't tell the kids how she died as they would be too heartbroken.

"I was there when she was born and I watched her grown up and learn to walk and run. She didn't know anything else but love.

"They had only had her five weeks and they all absolutely adored her and he comes along and beats her to death.

"We don't feel justice has been done at all."