PUPILS from across Oxfordshire will walk out of classes for the fourth times in as many months today.

The 'school strike' over climate is timed to coincide with another global day of action, sparked by the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg.

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More than 1,000 actions across at least 100 countries are planned, with Oxford's Bonn Square again set to be the scene of the latest demonstration.

One Oxford Youth Climate Action organiser, Milli Dubin, said: "We do not want to strike, yet we have been pushed to the point that we have to sacrifice school in order to be listened to. We're here because we feel its our duty.

Oxford Mail:

"The burden of the ecological crisis humanity has brought upon itself has been forced onto us - we do not want to pass it on."

Pupils are set to gather near Westgate, where Lush have again agreed to allow strikers in to make signs.

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The children will listen to speeches, display placards and march - with last one finishing at 1.30pm, before crowds disperse around 2pm.

The strikes, which have proved divisive among the Oxford community, have also attracted the support of a local parent group.

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However, Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran heavily toned down her backing ahead of the second strike in March.

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But with climate action shooting up the agenda – and climate emergencies being declared nationally and locally – Oxford has seen increasing activism on the issue - not just from school pupils, but also from Extinction Rebellion.

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Oxford High School pupil Milli, 17, continued: "Our future is terrifying, full of rising sea levels, climate change, food shortages, air contamination, deforestation ((and more).

"We will be the ones be voting, making the decisions, we will shape the future of the world - so it is easy to forget we are also the now. We are already changing the world."