VOTERS across Britain go to the polls today for the European parliamentary elections.

Polling stations are open until 10pm tonight, so you can have your say in an election many thought would never happen.

Here is everything you need to know, including where and how to vote and what not to do at a polling station.

Why am I voting?

If Britain had left the European Union on March 29 as planned, these elections would not be taking place in this country.

But once the EU agreed a Brexit extension until the end of October, the government admitted the country would be going to the polls if it failed to agree a withdrawal deal by today.

Who am I voting for?

The South East has 10 MEP (Member of European Parliament) seats available.

Currently, the region's balance of MEPs stands at four UKIP representatives, three Conservatives, one Labour, one Lib Dem and one Green.

Each party submits a list of candidates, with the most preferred candidates listed at the top.

For the full list of candidates - click here

How does it work?

These elections use a party list system, which means voters in England, Scotland and Wales pick one party.

The complicated d'Hondt system then calculates the proportion of seats that each party should be allocated, for each of the UK's 12 constituencies. 

So, if Party A are allocated two seats in the South East and Party B eight, the top two and eight candidates on each list are respectively elected. 

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Oxford Mail:

Where and when can I vote?

Polling stations opened at 7am and will close at 10pm - so there's plenty of time to cast your vote.

To find your polling station, visit the website for your area's district council and use their postcode finder tool.

What can I and can't do I do in a polling station? 

Whether it's taking a selfie or the #dogsatpollingstations trend, there are a few things to remember when heading out to vote.

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When will I find out the results?

The election results will not be announced until around 10pm on Sunday, with members set to take their seats on July 2.

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