AN OXFORDSHIRE councillor has been urged to choose whether he represents residents here or in Hampshire after it was revealed he holds seats in both counties.

Tim Bearder was elected the Liberal Democrat county councillor for Wheatley in November.

He won Eastleigh Borough Council's seat of West End South on May 2.

Mr Bearder insists that he can do both jobs well and that he lives in both Oxford and Eastleigh.

But independent councillor on Eastleigh Borough Council, Louise Parker-Jones, said: “He can’t do both. I think his electorate deserves a decision. If you a borough councillor and spend a lot of time in Oxfordshire and are going to Oxfordshire County Council meetings, how can he represent West End effectively?”

She said councillors should live in their wards or divisions full-time to ensure they keep in touch with their electorate.

She said: “You need to give them a voice and ensure these voices are heard. If you are not living there and hearing it, you are not giving people the voice of the party you belong to.”

Mr Bearder, a filmmaker, said it was 'not relevant' to his work in Wheatley that he also works as a councillor in Hampshire.

He said he was confident he was doing a good job and serving residents well in both places.