THE GREEN Party's only MP visited Oxford last night as campaigning intensified ahead of the European elections tomorrow.

Former leader Caroline Lucas joined Oxford’s former Lord Mayor Elise Benjamin, who is second on the party's South East.

Oxford Mail:

Ms Lucas spoke positively about the party's campaign and stressed that it was working with other Greens across Europe.

The rally and speeches on Broad Street, outside the Clarendon Building, lasted a couple of hours, ahead of an election husting.

Ms Benjamin added: “The latest polls show that the Greens are close to a second seat in the South East.

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"We are the closest to winning an additional seat, which would mean it would stop another seat going to the Brexit Party.”

She added that the party was standing for climate action, remaining in the EU, free movement and addressing economic inequality, much like Greens who are standing on the same platform across the continent.

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Meanwhile, the pressure group Oxford for Europe are encouraging remain supporters to vote for either the Greens, Liberal Democrats or Change UK - The Independent Group.

In a newsletter to supporters, it said: "The important thing is to vote for an explicitly Remain party... The number of pro-remain votes, regardless of seats, will be well publicised."

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Leavers are mainly expected to choose between the Brexit Party and UKIP.

The Conservatives and Labour are not expected to perform well.

Parties put up a list of candidates and are then allocated a proportion of the seats.

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Polling stations are open from 7am - 10pm.