A WOMAN from a village near Witney is concerned about the vulnerable falling into a trap after she believes she received a 'sinister' scam phone call yesterday.

Dot Holloway, 71, from Minster Lovell, received the call at 3.30pm. The automated voice on the phone said: "There is a court injunction against you. This is an important message. Press one to access the solicitor who will be acting on your behalf."

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She put the phone down and immediately contacted three neighbours who she feels are particularly vulnerable and would fall victim to the scam.

She said: "This is an obvious scam. I'm concerned that anyone who is vulnerable or has a nervous disposition will think they have to 'press one' but they don't - it's completely made up."

Mrs Holloway blocked the number which tried to call again and hour later.

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She alerted BT to the call who said they were not aware of this type of scam, and tried contacting the police but said she 'gave up' when she spent two hours on the phone waiting to get through to them.

Mrs Holloway said: "You can't stop all the scams but this is one that needs to be stopped. It has to be taken seriously because there's a sinister element to it."

To report a potential fraud, go to thamesvalley.police.uk