A DOCTOR accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the John Radcliffe Hospital told jurors the procedure was purely 'routine'.

Anandagopal Srinivasan, who was working at Oxford's main hospital at the time, denies one count of assault by penetration.

Prosecutors at Oxford Crown Court claim that the 27-year old of Sandfield Road, Oxford, sexually assaulted his victim while in an examination room on the morning of October 6, 2016.

Taking to the witness box to profess his innocence yesterday Srinivasan said that he never sexually assaulted the woman and he only conducted a 'routine abdominal examination'.

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Earlier in the trial the alleged victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - said she had turned up at the hospital because of stomach pain.

She claimed that during an examination Srinivasan began pressing on her stomach before placing his hands down her underwear.

The alleged victim claimed that he then performed a sex act on her, before another staff member took blood from her when he left the room.

Later, she told jurors, Srinivasan returned to the examination room and sexually assaulted her for a second time, all while her friend was in the room.

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Answering questions in cross examination Srinivasan said that the woman was 'mistaken' at what had happened and the examination had been purely routine.

He told jurors he had checked her abdominal area but had never gone below the 'pubic bone'.

Asked if he could have put his fingers into her knickers he said: "I have no clear memory of doing that.

"This is based on having heard what the patient is saying, what her friend is saying, it is possible it may have happened. I have no clear memory of putting hands in her underwear."

The trial continues.