A call to suspend Oxford University's animal experimentation licence over a macaque monkey it "humanely killed" after brain tests has been rejected.

Junior Home Office minister Meg Hillier confirmed the primate, Felix, was put to death in June "on completion of the work in which he was involved".

It was "in accordance with requirements of the relevant project licence", her written Commons reply said yesterday.

Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock had called for a suspension and an inquiry.

Ms Hillier's written Commons reply read: "I am satisfied that the requirements of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 have been fully met and I do not consider there is a need to vary or suspend the licence."

Felix's involvement in brain experiments sparked an outcry from animal rights campaigners who campaigned for him to be released.

Among them was 88-year-old Joan Court, from Cambridge, who in April held a two-day fast in a cage to protest against medical testing on animals in Oxford.

The ongoing construction of a new university animal testing laboratory in South Parks Road has prompted regular protests from campaigners from the Speak group.