A NEW campaign by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is aimed at enticing a more diverse range of people to become part-time firefighters.

Posters show current on-call staff from all walks of life in their everyday clothing and on the job,

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One of the stars of the campaign is Shelley Wright, from Wantage, who said becoming an on-call firefighter had been a ‘life-changing’ experience.

She said: “You have the ‘feel good’ factor of saving lives, livelihoods and priceless possessions and the camaraderie that comes from working in a team on a range of challenges.”

Oxford Mail:

The 25-year-old is qualified to drive fire appliances and specialist off-road vehicles, ideal for crossing rough terrain when tackling field fires – a regular occurrence during last summer’s heatwave.

She has helped at everything from house and barn fires, to car crashes, even rescuing a snake trapped up a chimney.

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Aaron Curran, meanwhile, also featured in the campaign, drove past Abingdon Fire Station daily on the school run when he noticed a recruitment banner.

The 25-year-old said: “You hear so many stories of people looking back on life, wishing they hadn’t shied away from a challenge.

Oxford Mail:

“Thankfully, Fire and Rescue makes it really easy for anyone pondering joining the service.”

He added: “Now I’m part of a special team, taking great pride in keeping Abingdon’s residents safe.”

Mr Curran can choose when he is on-call and currently commits between 120-160 hours a week.

In his short career as an on-call firefighter, he has attended a range of emergencies, including water rescues, grass and thatch fires, crashes, and rescuing people from jammed lifts.

Oxford Mail:

The Fire and Rescue service is organising taster days, offering people an opportunity to experience what it takes to be a firefighter.

Ideally on-call firefighters should live within five minutes of their nearest fire station, but anyone further afield is encouraged to get in contact as there are a range of other opportunities. Businesses are also being asked to allow employees to become on-call firefighters. Participating organisations often find they enhance their reputation by giving back to the local community.

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Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service attended 6,654 emergencies across the county in 2018. There are 330 on-call firefighters across the county.

The on-call workforce consists of individuals who provide variable levels of cover, to suit their work and personal lives.

Visit oxfordshire.gov.uk/oncallfirefighters or email fire.recruitment@oxfordshire.gov.uk for more.