A DEFENDANT at Oxford Crown Court who screamed at a Judge 'I will punch your f***ing face in you d***head' has been jailed.

Danny Rayson, of Pine Close, Garsington, launched the extraordinary tirade of abuse at what was supposed to be a sentencing hearing for dangerous driving on Thursday.

The 28-year old, who was jailed for contempt of court yesterday, exploded in rage after he was put in custody because of an alleged dispute which occurred before the hearing.

Speaking at his sentencing yesterday Judge Nigel Daly - who bore the brunt of the verbal abuse - said: "Were it a case that this was simply insulting a judge [...] it could be ignored.


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"Frequently it is ignored but this I am afraid went far beyond that, not only abuse but direct physical threats were involved.

"A Judge at this crown court is not just here in a personal capacity and that is what makes it serious. The Judge is the representative of Her Majesty the Queen and also the people of this country.

"The abuse and threats were made to me sitting in that capacity."

A recording of the incident was played in court yesterday in which Rayson, after he was remanded in custody, began shouting 'come here' repeatedly, referring to the Judge as 'big man'.


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He then called out 'I will punch your f***ing face in you d***head'.

In mitigation his defence barrister Jane Brady said that her client was sorry for what he had done and being placed into custody was a 'tipping point' which led to his outburst.

Judge Nigel Daly jailed him for one month under contempt of court provisions.

Later the same day Rayson was also sentenced for the initial offence which landed him in court in the first place - dangerous driving, driving without a licence and without third party insurance.


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At that hearing prosecutors said that Rayson was spotted by police in Bicester on August 8 last year. When officers realised he didn't have a licence a police chase ensued, speeding through residential areas up to 90 mph before he was stopped. Jane Brady said her client 'panicked' and was on his way to see his child.

Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC jailed him for eight months to run consecutively and he was banned from driving for two years and four months.