SUPERMARKET members have chosen to support three local good causes.

Friends of Benson Library, The Parochial Church Council of Littlemore and Wallingford Family Centre are among the groups benefitting from the Co-op's community fund.

In Oxford, members have generated more than £6,120 over the last two years.

The fund was launched in September 2016. When they buy own-brand products in store, members receive a five per cent reward for themselves with a further one per cent going to local causes.

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Some 2000 local causes working to protect community spaces and places across the UK have received just under £5 million.

Members can decide how the money is allocated, and are encouraged to select the causes they wish to support online.

Rebecca Birkbeck, director of community engagement at the Co-op, said: “Our members are passionate about protecting community spaces and places which are so important when it comes to enhancing quality of life.

“People can get involved by becoming a member, swiping their card, and choosing the cause they want to support.

“The more people shop, the more we share, and the more impact we can have in communities. By choosing their local cause, our members are telling us what really matters in their communities.”