ALMOST 50 concerned residents attended a public meeting to discuss ‘dangerous’ traffic problems in East Oxford.

Florence Park residents decided to tackle the issue after a string of accidents, the latest involving a cyclist who suffered fractures at the Cornwallis Road and Rymers Lane intersection last month.

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Scott Urban, one of those behind the event, said he was 'very pleased' with how many people came to the community-led meeting and the range of topics covered.

The Rymers Lane resident said: "We had 48 people come along and it was a great turnout. There was a big discussion about individual driver behaviour campaigns and how that's rarely effective in the long term.

"I think a lot of people felt there was a need for physical traffic measures."

Oxford Mail:

Comments from residents at the meeting. Picture: Danny Yee

He added after presentations from individuals, people could add post it notes to maps of the area highlighting particular problems or solutions, explaining: “It was a good way to get a sense of what people were thinking."

Some of the notes raised issues about poor visibility turning right onto Cornwallis Road from Rymers Lane, the problem of cars parking on the pavement around Florence Park, and one resident even suggested blocking the entrance to certain residential roads around the East Oxford park as a way to stop the area being used as a rat run.

Another comment proposed setting up a Controlled Parking Zone. The meeting was prompted by two recent incidents.

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Mr Urban explained: “Someone posted on social media on April 2 about how they’d ‘had it with that junction’ and then the day after a cyclist was badly injured there, having to go to hospital and suffering several fractures.

“The timing of the two things is what brought it to the forefront.”

He added: “The fact the two residential roads are used as main routes but don’t have traffic control measures means it is dangerous, especially for pedestrians.”

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The meeting took place at Florence Park Community Centre on Tuesday.

Mr Urban said the core traffic group plan to work on ideas over the summer with another public meeting planned for early September at the community centre.

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