THE county council still has more than 600 problems across its estate that it must fix following Carillion’s collapse, councillors have been told.

The council paid the company about £119m for work done to its buildings from 2012 until late 2017. The firm collapsed a month later.

Councillors were told in private how much the council thinks it might need to pay the administrators of the failed company on Wednesday. Public and press were excluded because of commercial sensitivity.

But earlier, Owen Jenkins, the council’s director for community operations, told councillors there are still 602 problems waiting to be fixed after Carillion’s work.

He said: “That’s a large number but they do vary in scale quite considerably.

“There are some major things, like incomplete pieces of work or bits of property that still need to be dealt with, or in the worst case, potentially need to be rebuilt.”

Mr Jenkins added: “The majority...are very small, minor things: a fire door needs to be changed and so on.”

The council has spent £1.2m of a £2m budget looking into defects left by Carillion.

But the cost of fixing them is likely to spiral into the tens of millions of pounds.

Money will be added to the council’s capital programme to pay for the work.