OXFORD University students shouted 'shame on you' at people going to watch a debate in the city including TV star Katie Hopkins.

Boycott the Oxford Union is a campaign group which aims to stop the debating society from inviting 'racist and fascist' speakers to the city.

Led by students at Oxford University, the group protested this evening against the Union for inviting controversial TV Star, Katie Hopkins, to the debate on giving a stage to those with offensive opinions. 

Protesters chanted, "Nazi scum off our streets" and "Oxford is anti-fascist" as well as shouting "shame on you" at students as they walked into the Oxford Union debate.

Labour MP Naz Shah who was due to attend the debate this evening, dropped out at the last minute.

A student at Oxford University who supports the campaign said: "Katie Hopkins compares immigrants to cockroaches and the Oxford Union shouldn't be legitimising those kinds of views as one of the most prestigious platforms on the planet."