Craig David delighted fans as he freestyled on Thursday night at a student event. 

The 'Seven Days' singer discussed his career with a crowd at the Oxford Union, before rapping. 

But listen carefully - does he namecheck Nick Knowles? Let us know what you think below. 

Students protested after the event ahead of the debate which saw controversial columnist Katie Hopkins speak.

The singer sat beside his manager Colin Lester to chat about his career and warmed up the intimately-small audience with tales of how he rose to fame, and his close ‘family-like’ relationship with his manager Mr Lester – who is also CEO of JEM music Group.

He told the audience, who were exclusively made up of Oxford Union members: “That first step on stage, feels like home for me, it’s an overwhelming feeling.

“I still get butterflies, and if I didn’t I would probably realise that music is not the one for me anymore.”

In the informal chat, his manager continued: “Never forget one thing, cream always rises to the top. I signed Craig David because he was a talent – cream always rises to the top and that is important – If you are good at something, keep going.”

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That’s the same thing Mr David told the fans at the exclusive debating society.

He said: “My advice to aspiring musicians, or anybody who wants to do anything – the things you do behind the scenes, the mistakes – they will all prime you for who you will become.”

They went on to chat about the X Factor, and other talent shows on TV which see signers compete for a record deal.

Mr Lester praised Simon Cowell before adding: “The truth is that these people who enter are not genuinely song writers, they can sing – but they are not song writers.”

Before taking questions from the audience, his manager then urged the singer to spit some bars and show-off what he used to rap in his Southampton flat before getting signed, and rising to fame in the 90’s.

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He said: “We are in this historic chamber, which has seen many pantomimes…”

After rapping quicker than he could breathe, and re-doing it again for everybody – Mr David spoke with one audience member who had met him several years ago at a concert.

At the time, she explained, she was going through a serious medical condition – but his music helped her carry on.

She asked him what kind of music helps him get through hard times, and after ‘hugging it out’, he said: “Wow. Music is healing.

“I’m still really old school, for me it’s always ‘show me love’ by Robin S. it still gets me going dun dun dun…”