BUDGET cuts, county lines drug dealing and reckless drivers were just some of the topics put to Thames Valley Police's new Chief Constable during a live web chat.

John Campbell, who took on the top job last month, faced questions from the public during a Facebook Live event on Wednesday night.

The impact of cuts to the force's budget and numbers was one of the first raised and the police boss admitted they were seeing the impact of a 'significant' reduction in government funding over the last eight or nine years.

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The police chief, who before landing the top job served as deputy from 2015, added: "My view would be that we do need increased funding. We are starting to see some of the impacts of some of the cuts in a way none of us would wish for."

Responding to concerns people feel 'fobbed off' by police over less serious crimes, he said the force had to prioritise limited resources but always took the vulnerability of the victim into account.

He added crimes like burglaries were still a priority though said the figures were 'hugely down' on previous decades.

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Problems with reporting crime through the non-emergency 101 number was also raised, with the officer admitting there had been 'recruitment issues' last summer, along with a national spike during the hot weather, but stressed these had now been fixed.

Mr Campbell was also asked where he saw Thames Valley Police in five years.

He said his key aim was consistency around structures and good call handling, as well as maintaining strong neighbourhood policing. He added: "When things are at their worst for the public we need to be at our best."