THIS family are confident they own the world's oldest duck - which has just turned 21 thanks to its pampered lifestyle.

Ernie, a male mallard, reached the milestone birthday this week, making him seven months older than the previous record holder.

His owner Chloe Timberlake, 31, who lives near Thame, puts his longevity down to how well she treats her beloved pet.

She said: "He really does live a life of luxury, he is safe from any predators and has an amazing pond that he swims around in.

"He also has his own duck hotel heaven which we built just for him, it keeps him very happy."

From a young age Chloe said that she "had a fascination with ducks" and was desperate for a pet duck.

Oxford Mail:

Chloe said: "And on my 10th birthday I was given two ducks. I named them Bert and Ernie because I was a huge Sesame Street fan at the time.

"Unfortunately Bert died when he was eight but Ernie just kept going.

"We got him another duck Elmo, and now Elmo looks after Ernie as he's getting old.

"He's a bit like Ernie's guide duck."

Oxford Mail:

For Ernie's 21st birthday, Chloe really wanted to give the ageing duck a part to remember: "I would have loved to have given him a female duck to celebrate, "But I think that would have resulted in a heart attack."

The current Guinness World Record Holder for oldest duck was a female mallard duck called Desi from nearby Maidenhead.

Desi lived to be 20 years, three months and 16 days old before she died in August 2002.