TV star Katie Hopkins will be speaking at the Oxford Union tonight and a campaign set up to boycott the talk has now gained 219 followers. 

'Boycott the Oxford Union' was set up as a Twitter account at the weekend and aims to stop the debating society from inviting both 'fascist and racist' speakers.

Ms Hopkins will be the latest of its guests and will be debating about giving a stage to those with offensive opinions.

Politician Ann Widdecombe and controversial journalist Toby Young will also be debating.

Here's what some of our readers think about Ms Hopkins coming to the city:

  • Stdpe said: "Think these idiots need to get a life. Everyone has a right to freedom of speech. She is hardly a threat to the Country, like some Religious Fanatics.
  • Milkbutnosugerplease said: "You can see Katie Hopkins on Youtube if you don't fancy the pompous formality, penguin suits and bumptious self-importance of the Oxford Union. She asks some difficult questions - for example, why do Muslim migrants flee to Christian countries? Why not Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia?

"If you have the power of independent thought, you can answer that without necessarily agreeing with her. 'If' is the pivotal word however."

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  • Sean Cane said: "Easy option if you don't want to listen to her views don't go."
  • GDP said: "Hopkins is deliberately provocative. She knows that Muslim countries accept hundreds of thousands of refugees, Saudi Arabia has accepted up to 500000 Syrian refugees, whereas the UK has accepted a few dozen. Hopkins knows many people who want to believe her, because it fits their world view, won't check the truth of her claims."
  • Doreen if you know what I mean said: "I have no problem with any speakers - right or left wing - speaking. But, I don't see the point in Katie Hopkins speaking. She doesn't make any intelligent arguments. She just says controversial things and pretends that is intelligent discourse."

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  • BogoffOCC said: "It's a debate ... what is the point of debating if opposing views are quiet? We all need to see the conviction and facts raised when debates occur. Sorts the wheat from the chaff. You choose controversial / popular figures to ensure the debate is rounded. Free speech is enshrined in our rights and I, for one, see no issues here. In fact I look forward to seeing how they "cope" with the cerebral challenges of facts over feelings / wishes. Bring it on !!