THE FINAL instalment of Bicester’s self-build stardom will air tonight on Grand Designs: The Street.

The last of the ten couples to take on the challenge of building their dream home at self-build site Graven Hill will play out tonight.

Cameras will follow Southampton couple Pauline and Godfrey’s quest to downsize from their three-floored suburban home to a one-storey house.

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Finances prove to be this episode particular pitfall causing delays in the build as the pair tackle the unsympathetic mortgage market.

But after the prolonged struggle, they have a mortgage agreed and start the process of building their bespoke home.

This time, the episode shows the couple opting to have their home built off-site and in a factory before being delivered to the site and craned into place.

Due to the financial delays, the company originally picked to build the home but can no longer so the documentary follows the turbulent resolution.

Oxford Mail:

The final episode will also take a look back at all ten homes that have been built on the Bicester site, which will eventually house up to 1,900 homes.

It will be the biggest self-build development in the country.

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The series has included families such as Pauline and Godfrey who are downsizing, couples who are first-time buyers, others looking to build more eco-friendly houses and all in one street.

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