MORE THAN 8,000 calls have been made to the RSPCA about dogs being left in hot cars.

The worrying figures are at a three-year high, despite a major campaign to not keep dogs in hot cars.

The RSPCA's emergency line in England and Wales received 8,290 reports last year, 90 per cent of which were related to dogs heating up in cars which were locked, despite the advice given to members of the public to dial 999.

The charity explained that police have the power to rush to the scene and unlock cars, however the RSCPA can't do that.

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Dogs die in hot cars campaign manager Holly Barber from the RSPCA said: “It’s extremely concerning that despite all of our campaigning, dog owners are still ignoring our warnings and risking their pets’ lives by leaving them alone in cars on warm days.

"How many more dogs need to die before people realise that that split second decision - usually made due to convenience - could have life-changing consequences?”

Big names like Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and Blue Cross are among the 15 charities who have teamed up to spread the message that dogs die in hot cars.

The RSPCA urge people who spot dogs in hot cars to call the police, instead of them.

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If the police can't make it in time, the teams urge people not to break into cars as 'without proper justification this could be classed as criminal damage'.

Instead, tell the police your intentions and take photos and footage of the dog as well as witnesses.