AUTISTIC children may struggle to cope with new 2,000W floodlights at a football pitch, their parents have said.

The couple from Chinnor, South Oxfordshire, were among several residents who objected to the plans for the village's community pavilion before they were approved this month.

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Lodging their official objection with South Oxfordshire District Council they wrote: "There is already to much light pollution from the sports ground, which often goes past 10pm, as we go to work early the light and noise keeps us awake.

"We have autistic children which struggle with artificial light."

Oxford Mail:

Anna Driver of Grafton Orchard which neighbours the pavilion said the existing floodlights were already too bright, telling the council: "The top bedroom has to have the curtains drawn, to stop the bright glare and light into the room."

Chinnor Parish Council supported the plans, on the grounds that a) the lights would be off by 10pm at the latest, b) they were not used every evening, and c) the lights were for football training only – not for parties or events.

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Considering all the comments, the district council planning team approved the plans but with conditions.

Firstly, it agreed with the parish council that the lights should be off at 10pm every night, and secondly it said that all the floodlights must be 'angled down to illuminate the pitch only'.