WITH Brexit postponed, the UK will take part in the European Elections.

To cast a ballot on May 23, fresh voters and those who have changed their address, name or nationality since their last visit to the polling station need to apply to the electoral register by midnight, May 7.

Online registration is available at gov.uk/register-to-vote.

Sending an application takes about five minutes and requires basic personal information – name, address and national insurance number.

Paper registration forms is available upon request from local Electoral Registration Office.

Under EU treaties citizens of all EU member states can take part in European Elections in their home country. EU nationals living in the UK can choose between British parties’ candidates. Respectively, Britons living in the EU can visit polling stations in their country of residence.

Apart from registering as British voters, EU nationals wishing to vote in the UK need to print out an “EP voter registration form” and send it to their local Electoral Registration Office by May 7.

EU citizens might also be able to vote for their national lists without leaving the UK, but in most cases registration deadlines have already passed.