THE Conservatives lost four seats on Cherwell District Council with independents and smaller parties the big winners. 

Voters spurned the two major parties with candidates saying it showed voters were 'fed up' of politics as usual. 

The Conservatives were the big losers of the 'Brexit backlash' while Labour failed to make any gains. 

With 17 seats up for election, the final results were as follows: 

Conservative: 9 (-4)
Green: 1 (+1)
Independents: 2 (+2)
Labour: 3 (-)
Liberal Democrats: 2 (+1)

Here are the full results for all the wards: 

Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote: Conservative hold

Andy Aris, Green: 416
Mike Bishop, Conservative: 1,189
Jonathan Gregory, Liberal Democrat: 296
Suzette Watson, Labour and Co-op: 377

Banbury Calthorpe and Easington: Conservative hold

Colin Clarke, Conservative: 1,218
Brent Jackson, Liberal Democrat: 480
Phil Richards, Labour and Co-op: 590

Banbury Cross & Neithrop: Labour hold

Hannah Banfield, Labour: 1,031
Alastair Milne, Conservative: 789
John Whitwell, Lib Dem: 306

Banbury Grimsbury and Hightown: Labour hold

David Beverly, Conservative: 586
Carrick Cameron, Green: 403
Perran Moon, Labour and Co-op: 957

Banbury Hardwick: Conservative hold

Nathan Bignell, Conservative: 817
Heather Firkin, UKIP: 194
Karl Kwiatkowski, Green: 215
Blue Watson, Labour: 417

Banbury Ruscote: Labour hold

Chris Phillips, Conservative: 487
Ian Thomas, Liberal Democrat: 189
Sean Woodcock, Labour and Co-op: 790

Bicester East: 

Celia Kavuma, Labour: 348
Richard Mould, Conservative: 740
Robert Nixon, Green: 620
Bruce Shakespeare, Liberal Democrat: 136

Bicester South and Ambrosden: Independent gain

Nick Cotter, Independent: 1,259
Marcus English, Labour: 296
Zoe McLernon, Conservative: 675

Bicester North and Caversfield: Conservative hold

Francis Boon, Green: 298
Margaret Lyon, Labour: 274
Dan Murphy, Liberal Democrat: 291
Jason Slaymaker, Conservatives: 794

Bicester West: Independent gain

John Melrose, Labour 352
Debbie Pickford, Conservatives 597
Fraser Webster, Independent 1,285

Cropredy, Sibfords and Wroxton: Conservative hold

Anne Cullen, Labour: 398
Douglas Webb, Conservative: 1,503
Julian Woodward, Liberal Democrat: 653

Deddington: Conservative hold

Aaron Bliss, Green: 523
Hugo Brown, Conservative: 1,376
Nigel Davis, Liberal Democrat: 477
Annette Murphy: 382

Kidlington East: Green gain

Ian Middleton, Green: 1,089
Anthony Morris, UKIP: 214
Neil Prestidge, Conservatives: 1,016
John Stansby, Labour: 377

Kidlington West: Lib Dem hold and gain

Conrad Copeland, Liberal Democrats: 1,436
Alan Mackenzie-Wintle, Conservatives: 786
Chuk Okeke, Labour: 402
Nigel Simpson, Conservatives: 816
Katherine Tyson, Liberal Democrats: 1,493
Hilary Valk, UKIP: 252

Launton and Otmoor: Conservative hold

Tim Hallchurch, Conservatives: 1,171
Michael Nixon, Labour: 863