IT WAS all about perfect pairings this week as we sent Camera Club off in search of duos.

From two badgers in a field to sisters ready for football practice there were no shortage of pairs to be found in all manner of places.

Oxford Mail:

Nature was the focus for many members though, with birds in particular a popular subject for entries.

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Some of our favourites included a pair of puffins facing in opposite directions by Sandy Watson and adorable fluffy ducklings by Dominika Ko.

Another standout was Mark Davies' shot of greenfinches doing battle in the sky.

Oxford Mail:

He described catching the two creatures with wings outstretched as they fought in the air as a 'fluke'.

Other animal photographs we loved included a stunning scene of deer grazing in Sunningwell by Allen Dannfald, with the twin mammals silhouetted against a beautiful orange sky.

A squirrel staring straight at the camera, meanwhile, its two black eyes a striking sight, was submitted by Duncan Becker.

Oxford Mail:

While not as numerous, we also enjoyed several people pairings.

Diane Bragg's shot of Morris Dancers outside St John's College on May Morning captured the colourful fun of the unique Oxford tradition and Gordon Craig's image of a couple gazing out at Wychwood Wild Gardens was another favourite.

The tranquil scene shows the pair in the foreground facing away from the camera as they look out at the water and trees beyond them.

Oxford Mail:

When it came to objects two mugs by Pam Denton stood out with the curling steam from the hot drinks turning what could have been an everyday shot into something special.

Bright shutters on pretty matching windows in Arles, France also made for a vibrant image, while wordplay was deployed by Ritchie J Florey who sent us a picture of a pair of pears.

Oxford Mail:

Another unusual snap we enjoyed was a shot of two galaxies above Oxfordshire skies by Andy Smith.

The distant star systems are seen as small oblongs of light against the black.

Next week’s theme is ‘local landmarks’.

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