A SUSPECT was cleared of drunkenly grabbing two librarians at the Westgate Centre after a ‘foolish’ mistake saw the case collapse.

Boguslaw Bajorski faced trial at Oxford Magistrates’ Court yesterday, but after almost an hour of hearing evidence, the bench concluded there was no case to answer.

The 40-year-old, of Cowley Road in Littlemore, was accused of seizing staff members by the arm after they urged him to leave Oxfordshire County Library on February 19.

Bajorski pleaded not guilty to two counts of assault by beating a library attendant, Mehmet Mehmet, and customer service advisor Emilie De Quadros.

Providing evidence yesterday, Mr Mehmet said he received a radio call reporting ‘gentlemen upstairs who were being unruly and swearing and who looked drunk'.

He said he warned them their behaviour was ‘unacceptable’.


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Mr Mehmet added: “They were abusing everybody. They were saying ‘f*** England, f*** the police, f*** everybody in this library.’

“They were very aggressive...their language was absolutely foul. All three were uncontrollable.”

He said one of the men ‘tried to grab me’ by the arm when he later urged them to leave.

The library attendant said the incident, which happened just before midday, left him ‘a little bit jaded.’

He said: “I’m a library attendant, I’m not a security guard. I had a heart attack last year so I don’t need this kind of stress.”

However, he admitted when cross-examined that he could not confidently describe or name the man who grabbed him.

Mrs De Quadros said there were two men sitting at a logged-on computer, then joined by a third - who she thought was the defendant.

Addressing the court, she added: “One was drinking vodka and energy drinks and one was at the computer, beating up the keyboard and spitting on it.”

She added: “Their speech was slurred and they stank of booze.

"They seemed to be very angry."


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When she urged the ‘calmer’ man to take his friends away, she said he ‘screamed at me that they were not his responsibility’.

Mrs De Quadros added: “He was belligerent and angry.

“He grabbed me with his left hand at the top of my right arm, quite firmly... It’s left me feeling quite vulnerable.”

She said the library account the men had been signed into was that of a ‘Mr Bajorski.’

The defendant’s defence barrister Nathan Seymour-Hyde said if they were logged into his account, it followed that he must have been one of the two men sat in the library to start with - not the third who later joined, who she thought had been the one who grabbed her.

He argued that there was ‘no case to answer’ in that there was no evidence Mr Bajorski was the man who had grabbed the alleged victims, adding: “We deal in evidence, not in what may be supposed.”

The court then heard how two statements from police officers had not been served to the defence so could not be used as evidence.


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Presiding magistrate Stephen Vickers said: “It gives me no pleasure to see a trial fall down because the proper evidence has not been served by the police. There is no clear evidence to place you at the scene beyond reasonable doubt.”

Addressing a representative of the Crown Prosecution Service, he added: “Please convey to the police and CPS we are really not happy. It makes us all look very foolish.”