THE BRAZEN moment a van driver takes a novel approach to a Bicester roundabout has been caught on CCTV.

Footage from a building on Manorsfield Road captured the moment a van suddenly lunged round the roundabout in the wrong direction.

The video shows the van being driven the wrong-way round the roundabout before entering a service yard at the back of Sainsbury's and Pioneer Square.

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It is not known what the van was doing in the service yard, or if it was afiliated to any company.

The bad driving was caught earlier this week and tweeted out by @KempJulian on Twitter to Thames Valley Police Bicester.

The twitter user captioned it 'that's one way to do it'.

It comes after the force's roads policing unit tweeted a video last week of a van which skipped a red light right in front of an unmarked police car.

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The video shows the police car waiting at a temporary traffic light in Bicester when the driver speeds past, quickly following by the officer.