Black cab drivers have been doing a double-take at Gloucester Green market after a rival pulled up selling meatballs.

Joel Coupland has bought a TX 2 black cab and converted it into a mobile food stall at the Oxford market which runs on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.Oxford Mail:

Taxi drivers waiting opposite for a fare are a captive audience and they have been eyeing up the beef and pork meatballs served with rice.

Mr Coupland, from Gloucestershire, who runs The Black Cab Company, which has a five-star food hygiene rating, said: "People notice the black cab and they like the novelty - then they come and try the food.

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"I heard the street food stalls were doiung really well here so I thought I would give it a go."

Oxford Mail:

Black cab driver Adnan Hamid, 36, from Oxford, said: "It's mind-boggling to see meatballs being sold out of a black cab.

"We have asked Mr Coupland to make us some halal chicken meatballs and he said he would."

The first electric-petrol hybrid black cab arrived in the city last month and more could follow.

This could lead to more black cabs being converted to sell food.

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Garlic mushrooms served with rice cost £4, while the meatballs served with rice cost £4.50.

Oxford Mail:

The vegetarian chilli nachos also cost £4.50.

The Gloucester Green market is run by LSD Promotions in conjunction with the city council.

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A Friday market has just started on a six-month trial basis.

Oxford Mail:

A new Japanese restaurant is about to open in the former El Mexicana and Combibos coffee shop units.