Oxfordshire singer-songwriter Rhys Lewis has released his highly-anticipated second EP, In Between Minds, and has set off on his biggest European headline tour so far.

Featuring Rhys’s trademark soulful vocals, In Between Minds reflects his current state of mind and uncertainty of the times we live in. He touches on the multitude of anxieties that plague this generation – whether it be the difficultly in maintaining relationships, or the wider theme of politics.

The Long Hanborough singer-songwriter, 27, says: “We’re living in a weird time where we’re all anxious.

“Everyone has their own thought and fears, but it’s probably the same thing unifying them – and even though that divides us, it should unite us and bring us together.”

He adds: “In Between Minds is an important collection of songs to me. Each track on the EP has helped me distil and better understand some of the heavier emotions and anxieties that had been sitting at the back of my mind for the best part of a year.

“Self-reflection, which currently seems to be at the heart of my writing process, can sometimes cause more harm than good; you can end up pulling your thoughts in too many different directions and tie your mind in knots. So writing songs has become a way for me to draw a line in the sand and be at peace with things whenever things get confused in my own head.”

Crafting his songs with a maturity that belies his years, telling vivid stories through his poignant lyrics, and willingness to bare all, Rhys has consistently showcased his talent for songwriting. However, In Between Minds marks a creative turning point – as a producer. For the first time across a body of work, Rhys has been able to stamp his mark sonically, producing himself across the EP, alongside collaborators Aidan Glover, Brian Brundage and Richard Wilkinson.

Featuring five tracks, the EP includes recent singles End Like This, Hold on to Happiness and Better Than Today, alongside new tracks Lonely in Love, which explores falling out of love, and Things You Can’t Change.