A PAEDOPHILE who killed himself in prison was sexually abused and bullied as a child, an inquest has heard.

Daniel Davey died at Bullingdon prison one month into his 10-year-and-six-month sentence for sexually abusing a five-year-old boy.

Oxford Coroner's Court has heard this week how he had stashed prescribed pills and took dozens in one night.

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In court yesterday, the jury heard a statement from Davey’s father, Ian Hawkins.

Mr Hawkins said his son had 'often been the target of bullying, and on one occasion when he was young he was hit over the head with a steel bar by bullies riding bikes.

The court also heard how Davey and his father had only recently got back in touch with each other.

Following the breakdown of his parents' marriage when he was a child, Davey did not speak to his father until he was 18.

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Mr Hawkins said: “We started seeing each other regularly and started to meet up again. Daniel told me when he was 13 years old he was sexually abused. I now suspect this is why he did not talk to me for those years.”

Mr Hawkins explained that when Davey became involved in a police investigation, he ‘did his best to support him’.

He said: “Making sure he know there was a life after prison, I started to prepare him for what was to come.”

Oxford Mail:

Davey, 21, who previously worked at a McDonald’s, had been diagnosed with an emotional personality disorder.

His father went on: “I expressed my concern and I was assured that he would get the support he needed inside prison.”

After Davey was jailed, Mr Hawkins kept in touch, sending letters, making phone calls and using the special prison voicemail system.

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The jury had heard how Davey was expected to start a sex offender rehabilitation course and was ‘looking forward to the future’.

His father explained in his statement: “He wanted to make sure he came out better than he went in.”

On the night of his death, Mr Hawkins said he was called to the John Radcliffe Hospital – where his son was taken – in the middle of the night and arrived at 2am.

He was taken to the family room, and told that his son had passed away.

He was not allowed to see the body, and had to drove back home at 4am.

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Mr Hawkins said: “All he ever wanted was to be loved, he was confused about who he was.”

Bullingdon officer Michael Lewis told the jury that in the weeks leading up to his death, Davey had self-harmed after getting a letter saying an appeal to reduce his lengthy sentenced had been dismissed.

The jury heard how Davey had cut himself, called the bell and presented his arms to the officer who immediately put him on the monitoring scheme to be watched.

He did not remove the object that Davey had used to hurt himself, because he thought he would not do it again in front of his cell mate.

The inquest continues.