A HORSE was attacked by a dog and later died on Port Meadow.

The graphic photo, which The Oxford Mail have decided to blur, shows the horse was brutally attacked.

Details have now emerged about the attack.

Oxford City Council are now reminding dog owners to keep their animals under control.

Julian Cooper, Oxford City Council Port Meadow Ranger, said: "This recent attack highlights the need to keep dogs on a lead in Port Meadow. The area is a haven, not only for grazing horses but also other livestock and wildlife.

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"I want to express my sympathy to the owner of this horse and stress to dog owners the importance of controlling their animals to prevent tragedies like this happening." 

Under the law, owners must keep dogs under control at all times and the city council has put up signs to remind them of this responsibility.

City Council enforcement officers carry out regular patrols and can issue £80 fines to anyone who fails to comply.

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Mr Cooper added: "We welcome responsible dog walkers on all of our sites but we ask them to adhere to any seasonal restrictions and signage. We know the majority of owners are responsible and will keep their animals on a lead when in the Meadow.

"Unfortunately some dog owners continue to ignore this rule. We need to emphasise to anyone who is tempted to let their animals run free that this is not the place to do it. The consequences for the animals that live in the Meadow can be horrendous."

Oxford City Council recently took one irresponsible owner to court and as well as an increased fine, the magistrate ordered them to pay court costs totaling £1,700.