A CITY group worries a new 270-home estate could make congestion problems worse if plans are passed tomorrow.

Planning permission for the homes on land south of Armstrong Road in Littlemore was first passed in 2014, and it was agreed at the time that other issues, such as design, would be settled later.

The land, which was formerly used as part of Littlemore Hospital, will be used for 92 homes and 178 flats.

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But Oxford Civic Society and Littlemore Parish Council have both now outlined worries with the scheme.

The civic society said while the scheme had been ‘generally well thought out’, it still had concerns about ‘potential traffic congestion, public transport and the provisions for pedestrian and cycle access’.

It said the development would lead to a ‘significant increase in traffic of all kinds’.

It added it supported the parish council’s proposal that ‘parking restrictions need to be strengthened’.

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The civic society added it thought the county council should ‘review the existing provision of single and double yellow lines with a view to ensuring the smooth passage of traffic on Armstrong Road and Sandford Road’.

And while a bus service has been guaranteed for a year, the civic society said it was ‘very short term’.

It added: “It is not sufficient to allow for the sustainability of a free-standing service to be demonstrated.”

Oxford Mail:

The parish council, meanwhile, said it also wanted greater support for a potential bus service.

It told the city council, ahead of tomorrow’s meeting: “Our concerns centre on the infrastructure rather than the details of the design.

“The sum which will go towards bus services is a one-off for the first year.

"We would like an assurance that any improvement to this already inadequate service be made permanent.”

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It added: “An additional 270 properties will inevitably add to existing traffic congestion in surrounding streets.

“More buses would be a welcome commitment to transport sustainability.”

The houses will either be two or three storeys tall; they will have between one or four bedrooms.

The flats will have between one and four bedrooms. Buildings containing those will be between two and five storeys high once complete.

Catalyst Homes will contribute £3.35m towards the infrastructure of the project.

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The site is currently rough grass, scrubland and hedgerows.

Other homes that were built at St George’s Manor and the SAE Institute, also on land formerly used by Littlemore Hospital, are nearby.

The decision will be made at a planning meeting tomorrow from 6pm.