SCHOOLCHILDREN in parts of Oxfordshire have allegedly been targeted in attempted abductions. 

Police have sought to reassure parents after posts on social media, and confirmed they are investigating the reports to verify the claims. 

One woman said a man jumped out of a BMW in Grove on Saturday and ran at her teenage daughter as she walked along the roadside, having 'popped the boot' open ready to take her.

Officers said cases have been reported in the South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse areas, and there will be an increased police presence while enquiries continue.

The Facebook message shared from Grove, posted on several platforms including on the Spotted: Steventon and Drayton page, referred to an attempted abduction on Saturday.

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The post read: "A black BMW with two white guys in just tried to abduct my daughter in Grove.

"She was walking back on main road to Bellingers when they crawled slowly by her popped the boot then one jumped out and ran at her.

"She ran away and is safe thankfully.

"Pretty sure they will try this on someone else probably somewhere else in the county, warn as many as possible."

Station Road in Grove near Bellinger Vauxhall, thought to be the road the mum referred to 

A friend of the victim's mum, who also shared the post publicly on Facebook, added: "One guy was fat with glasses."

Another friend who shared the message commented on Facebook: "There have been more incidents too. Another near Challow yesterday [Sunday] with a 16 year old girl on a bike.

"It’s a real worry."

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In a statement posted on the Thames Valley Police South and Vale Facebook page this evening, the force said: "Thames Valley Police officers are reassuring the community following social media posts about the attempted abductions of schoolchildren in South and Vale in Oxfordshire.

"Officers have been making enquiries after receiving several third party reports and are in the process of speaking to children who have made social media posts."

Chief Inspector Matt Bullivant, Deputy Local Policing Area Commander, added: "There will be an increased visible neighbourhood presence while our enquiries continue.

"The description and nature of the vehicle is being reported on social media differs in the accounts relayed.

"At this time we are in the process of following up on these third hand reports and, if we have any confirmed offences, we will update the community and seek any required ongoing support to resolve such matters.

"Please be reassured we take all community concerns seriously and any incidents should be reported directly to police on 101 as opposed to social media sites."

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Some parents have sought more information due to the lack of detail in the post.

One father commented on the post: "How many attempted abductions have there been and what kind of vehicle should we tell our children to watch out for?"

One woman, also posting on the thread, said a 16-year-old girl was targeted in an attempted abduction. 

She also said the incident involved a black BMW with blacked-out windows, being driven by a man.

The force has been contacted for further clarification.