TWO vandals were spotted 'kicking down' a dry stone wall in a Witney cemetery, causing at least £1,000 of repairs.

A large chunk of the wall in Tower Hill cemetery was dismantled over the bank holiday weekend, leaving a pile of rubble next to several graves.

The damage was reported by a resident on Tuesday, who said they saw two people kicking the wall repeatedly last weekend.

Witney Town Council said its maintenance teams would fix the wall 'as quickly as possible', but revealed the repairs would cost '£1,000 minimum'.

The council posted on Twitter: "Dry stone walling is a wonderful Cotswold tradition and part of our local heritage.

"Expensive to put right though when someone decides to destroy it. We are looking at around £1000 minimum to repair this."

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It means the council will have spent more than £5,000 of taxpayers money on vandalism repairs since May 2018, with the cemetery among the most targeted locations.

Last June, a newly-planted Golden Cypress tree was stolen from Tower Hill, with £95 spent on a replacement.

In October, the council forked out £300 to fix two holes made in the wall from the Fieldmere Play Area side. 

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Several locations in the town have been vandalised multiple times, including Newland bus shelter and the Leys and Oxlease play areas.