A FORMER carer is crowdfunding to buy a wheelchair which would ‘transform her life’.

Helen Waring, 53, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006.

At the time she was working as a carer around Oxfordshire to fund her dream of travelling the world.

However, having been wheelchair bound for the last two years, the once globetrotting jet setter says the condition, which affects the brain and spinal cord, has now taken away her valued independence - something she hopes a special wheelchair could help give her back.

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Ms Waring, who now lives with her mother near Witney, said: “In 2006 one of my legs felt as if it had turned to jelly and it was difficult to walk. It was a shock to find out it was MS.

“I carried on doing my care work until 2011 but had to give up this work as I wasn’t physically capable or strong enough anymore.

“Life has changed in that I have gone from being very independent to being dependent on everyone now.

Oxford Mail:

“I am wheelchair bound and being in a sitting position all day every day is like being stuck on a long haul flight, not being allowed to stand at all.

“Puffy sore feet and feeling so uncomfortable without being able to stretch and relieve it and there’s also the risk of pressure sores.

"It is hard to be confined to a wheelchair or scooter unable to take my dog off accessible paths but I do try to make the most of my situation.”

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Ms Waring, who used to thrive on the outdoors, now relies on her mother and carers to look after her, as well as her Bichon Frise Cross who is in the process of training to become an assistance dog.

However, as well as the loss of independence, Ms Waring fears the constant sitting was the reason she was developing a curvature in her spine and so she decided to launch the gofundme campaign to help buy a wheelchair that will allow her to stand upright.

However the cost of the special Levo C3 powerchair, she admits, is way beyond her means.

Oxford Mail:

Ms Waring said: “A standing chair would mean being able to change position, shift the weight and stretch the muscles.

“Stretching also helps manage spasticity that is pulling me into a twisted position.

“Also being able to reach cupboards and work tops so hopefully being more independent in the kitchen and else where.

“It would mean being less reliant on others, more independence.

“That is something I really miss.”

To support Ms Waring in her wheelchair fundraising campaign visit https://www.gofundme.com/lets-get-helen-standing-again