A THREATENED species of froglet has been born at Cotswold Wildlife Park – to the delight of keepers.

The park, near Burford has managed to breed the first ever Cinnamon Frog in its 49-year history, making it the second zoological collection in the UK to have bred the species.

It comes just before World Frog Day tomorrow.

The rare froglet was successfully bred by reptile keeper, James Headleand, in the park’s Amphibian Room, which is a dedicated breeding facility and part of the Amphibian Ark.

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The Cinnamon Frog is usually found in the forests of South East Asia, such as southern Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Sumatra.

The birth comes during National Frog Month, where awareness about issues are being raised such as Chytrid fungus found in the wild in every continent and is a deadly pathogen which affects the outer skin layer of amphibians.