A FAMILY already living in Bicester will feature on tonight's Grand Designs at Graven Hill as they look to upsize from their current home.

Parents Peter and Anita have outgrown their modest family home in the town, but not wanting to move away have opted for the self-build option at Graven Hill.

The development is currently the feature of a six-part series hosted by Kevin McCloud called Grand Designs: The Street.

Oxford Mail:

Heading in to week four of the show Bicester has featured in showing people up and down the country how it is 'revolutionising' the development process locally.

This week two couple will star in the Channel 4 documentary following the stories of building their dream homes in the town.

Peter and Anita, parents of two teenage children, are one of the couples who have been priced out the market in Bicester for the type of home they want.

Instead, the family are seizing the chance to build their home on the Cherwell District Council-owned land which has relaxed planning regulations.

The episode will show how 43-year-old Peter plans to manage the build and is keen for 18-year-old son Sam to get stuck in too.

Oxford Mail:

They hope to build a four-bedroom family home, with three bathrooms, and totalling a build cost of about £280,000.

Episode four, airing tonight on Channel 4, will also feature first time buyers Chris and Roxie - who are one of the youngest couples on the self-build street.

The pair, both age 24, hope to build their own dream home as their first step on to the property ladder after being priced out the housing market.

Their plans, dubbed the box house, unfold on screen as an innovative and experimental 'flat pack' home.

Like many couples the pair are forced to stay at home with their parents while saving money and getting the house finished.

The show will follow the pair as they build their home with a specific labour-intensive construction system, whilst also holding down full-time jobs.

A little help comes from the architects who draft in a team of young architectural students who camp out on site, to exchange free labour in return for the experience.

Show producers hint that the build is not one without risk and as the home with real architectural merit emerges, so do 'cracks in a once concrete relationship'.

The pair set out to build a two-bedroom box house, estimated to cost £230,000.

Each week the programme looks at another family, couple or individual looking to set up home in the town at the new development to the south east.

Oxford Mail:

The documentary has followed the first 10 homes to be built on the site, but will eventually expect up to 1,900 homes to be built - making it the country's largest self-build site.

Kevin McCloud said: "These very different households all took a big risk but ultimately, I think they’ve been rewarded for this, with brilliant very individual homes and a great, wild-looking street – which is a sort-of test bed for self-build construction techniques which I think is just brilliant.

"No two homes are the same."

It will air tonight at 9pm.