PERSIMMON Homes has admitted that some of the houses on its new Grove estate are ‘sub-standard’, after residents complained that homes were ‘literally falling down’.

The company behind the 2,500-home development on the village’s former airfield has confirmed it is ‘rebuilding’ several of the homes and none of the affected homes have been occupied.

However, residents on the Wantage and Grove community Facebook group blasted the company – previously criticised for risking lives by making local roads muddy – suggesting that the land was not suitable to build on.

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Commenters wrote about a couple of homes being ‘propped up’ by boarding, with scaffolding put in place around them.

One cautioned: “A few months of heavy rain and all those houses will fall," as the whole site was labelled a 'shambles'.

Oxford Mail:

Others expressed concerns that the development could worsen the potential for ‘inevitable’ future flooding in the area and lamented how slowly the development was progressing.

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes Wessex has now admitted: “As part of our quality control procedures we identified some plots with sub-standard (non-structural) brickwork, which we are in the process of taking down and rebuilding to ensure we are completely satisfied with the workmanship.

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“Fortunately, this was picked up during construction and before any of these properties were build completed, so we are able to rectify the situation before handing the homes over to any of our customers.”

But the comments are unlikely to reassure Liberal Democrat county councillors Jane Hanna or Jenny Hannaby, who have long been critical of the development.

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Ms Hanna said: "As county councillors, we have been successful in getting wheel washing; road sweeping; temporary speed limits and have been liaising almost daily on traffic as well as helping local people get compensation.

"Overall until we have a government that strengthens the law, we need the district council to make use of all the powers they have."

Oxford Mail:

Ms Hannaby added her party have campaigned hard on the issue and would continue to do so.

Julie Mabberley, manager of the Wantage and Grove Campaign Group, said: "Persimmon do seem to have problems... the housing secretary announced that he is reviewing Persimmon’s participation in the government Help to Buy scheme, there are problems with the quality of the homes and they are allowing buyers to retain 1.5 per cent of the value of their purchase until faults are fixed.

"Now houses appear to be coming down before they are even occupied. This is not helping build the new homes in the area and without the homes we won’t get the infrastructure that we need.

Oxford Mail:

"The schools on the Persimmon development are currently on hold until the need is clarified but in the meantime children in Wantage and Grove don’t get their first choice of schools because there aren’t enough places."

It is understood the airfield estate will be the site of a new 'all-through' primary and second school to be run by King Alfred's school board, the Vale Academy Trust.

However no detailed plans have ever been published.