A WITNEY mum died of a drugs overdose on Halloween last year, just a day after being denied access to her children, Oxford Coroner's Court heard yesterday.

Analise Copestake's inquest was one of two conducted yesterday into deaths involving drug use.

The unemployed 32-year-old was found unresponsive in her bed by her boyfriend, just a day after saying life 'was not worth living' because of the ruling on her children.

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Peterborough-born Ms Copestake had a long history of drug issues and mental health problems, assistant coroner Peter Clark said, before recording a 'drug related death' verdict.

Mr Clark was not satisfied that she intended to take her own life, despite the remark to partner Richard Punton the day before she died.

Mr Punton said: "I had been with Analise most of the day. She had had a low mood, she said to me 'what is the point, I may as well kill myself'.

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"[The next day] I was going out to meet my ex and my kids, she (Ms Copestake) was not really listening to me so I put her in the recovery position and went out.

"I had only been gone an hour and she had done this."

A toxicology report by Donna Cameron found a cocktail of drugs in Ms Copestake's system, including heroin and cocaine.

Her GP, David Jones, added that she had a "history of drug abuse, low mood, depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder."

Assistant coroner Mr Clark said: "It's clear that Analise Copestake had a long standing drug habit and on two previous occasions had taken a drug overdose.

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"She was last seen alive at her home address by her boyfriend and on his return, at around 8.15pm, she was found to be unresponsive. Despite lengthy CPR she did not regain consciousness."

He continued: "She died from an overdose of heroin. In deciding whether or not to consider a verdict of suicide I have to be satisfied that they died at their own hands and that they intended to do so.

"I am not satisfied that she intended to do so (or) that a verdict of suicide is appropriate."

Ms Copestake was pronounced dead at around 9.30pm on Wednesday, October 31, at her Thorney Leys home.

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The court heard that paramedic Dawn Mundy was delayed in getting to the patient due to problems with finding the address.

Meanwhile, another inquest yesterday morning heard how Wallingford's Marc Kenny was found dead by his mother after a battle against drug and mental health problems.

Also unemployed and 32, Mr Kenny died at his home in Cherwell Road, Berinsfield, on the evening of Saturday, November 24 last year.

Assistant coroner Mr Clark recorded a verdict of suicide.

He said: "I am satisfied in this case that Mark decided to take his own life.

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"The pernicious effects of drugs is sadly all to clear in this particular case."

His family raised questions about the help received from mental health services, who were supporting Oxford-born Mr Kenny.

The court heard that he had ambitions to become a landscape gardener but was troubled by the recent death of his uncle. He also had a long history of struggles with heroin, cocaine and marijuana use; low mood, depression, paranoia and anxiety.

  • This article previously suggested Ms Copestake had been refused 'custody of', rather than 'access to' her children.
  • The charity Turning Point have asked to clarify that the support it provided to Mr Kenny was good.