ART lovers have been flooding into the Oxfordshire Museum fora show by some of the county’s most talented creative souls.

The annual Oxford Art Society Members’ Exhibition in the Woodstock museum’s Garden Gallery features a feast of paintings, prints, wood and glasswork – all of it for sale.

The show, which launched earlier this month, runs until Sunday.

As well as an impressive collection of landscapes and still life studies, there is a strong selection of portraits – including a monochrome picture of Chase Marsden, from Cumnor, painted by his mum Rona.

Society chair Lucy Stopford thanked Chase and the other sitters as well as the artists for their contribution to the success of the show

She said: “Each piece from the enormous range of artwork in the show, which is all for sale, from stone carvings to water colours, illustrates the society’s commitment to excellence and originality.”

Also pictured in the show is Oxford actor, and former Oxford Mail journalist, Steve Hay. He was painted by artist Barbara Gorayska, from East Oxford.

She said: “‘It explores the poetry of painting where different realities transform into one another.

“My inspiration came from Steve’s comment that he never played the same role in the same way twice, as it always depends on how he feels the audience is engaging with the performance. And, of course, we all know that actors on stage are never their true selves.”

Admiring the finished work, which features multiple images of his head, Steve joked: “People said I was two-faced. Barbara’s painting shows I’m much more than that.”