BICYCLES, trolleys and several pieces of scrap metal have been pulled out of the river in Oxford.

The odd assortment of items have been piled up on the grass by the footbridge in Friars Wharf.

Covered in detritus from being submerged in the river, the rubbish is waiting to be taken away after being fished out of the Thames.

At least nine bikes, including several belonging to various bike-hire schemes, were among the rubbish collected.

A 'footpath closed' sign, the base for a garden parasol and part of a bed were also seen on the bank of the river.

It was the latest attempt to clean up the Thames in Oxford.

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In recent years the river has become a dumping ground, particularly for bikes.

Scaffolding, a toilet system, a car seat and 50 bags of rubbish were pulled from the river in March by local rowing club Falcon.

The group scoured the area by kayak and canoe as part of OxClean's Spring Clean 2019 event.

This week an environmental group is asking the public to help survey water pollution in the area.

Earthwatch Europe is appealing for help throughout the Thames Valley during its four-day initiative, which runs from Friday to Monday.

The biannual WaterBlitz helps provide an overview of water quality across the region so conservation action can focus on key areas.

Rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds provide numerous local benefits including drinking water, homes for wildlife and tourism.

But many face increasing threats from development as well as pollution.