WITH its iconic cityscape of spires and rural surroundings, Oxfordshire is stunning even on a grey and rainy day.

The county's beauty has shone through even more intensely over the bank holiday weekend, however, with blue skies and blinding sunshine providing a picture-perfect backdrop.

Oxford Mail readers, including our brilliant Camera Club members, sent in an array of sunshine-drenched photos of their weekends around the county - from a sunbather at the picturesque Trow Pool near Bicester to an adorable baby splashing around in a paddling pool in Witney.

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Diarmaid J Browne shared a video of geese and their young waddling by the riverside in Abingdon, as the bells of St Helen's Church rang out for Easter Sunday in the background.

Temperatures in Oxford crept up to 23 degrees Celsius, making for balmy bank holiday activities outside.

While tomorrow should provide some more sunshine, make the most of it - forecasters are predicting potential rain and a drop in temperatures from Wednesday onwards.