AN ILLEGAL driver who taunted police with a number plate saying 'catch me if you can' has got exactly what he asked for.

Thames Valley Police road division tweeted gleefully last night to say they had not only arrested the motorist, but also sent him walking home.

The officers in the case had been driving in an unmarked car and said their attention was first caught by the licence plate number, which included the letters NOB.

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When they got a little closer, they were able to see that the plate also had a message in tiny letters, taunting law enforcers 'catch me if you can'.

Happy to oblige, the officers pulled the car over, and quickly discovered the driver had no insurance.

Oxford Mail:

Picture: Thames Valley Police Roads Policing @tvprp

After taking the vehicle off his hands, they gave the driver a court date then told him to enjoy his walk home.

Telling the tale on Twitter, the offricers ended their tweet with the hashtag #numberplatefail.