A NEW fishmongers in the Covered Market is ‘great for the market’ and ‘enhances business’ neighbouring shops have said.

Pershore Seafoods opened up last Tuesday in a prime corner and is the first fishmongers in the market since Hayman’s closed its stall at that spot in November 2017.

Pershore store manager, Maciej Lach, 38, who used to work at Hayman's, said yesterday: “All the traders are very happy the fishmongers is back and happy we’re where we were before.

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“It’s very good – all the people are very happy and very positive... They say it’s nice to get fish back to the covered market.

“When the fishmonger was closed, many old people complained they had nowhere to get their fish from – they prefer it nice and fresh.”

Mr Lach has worked in the covered market for 13 years and puts the secret to his success down to his customer relationships: “First you have to sell yourself, then the fish.”

Oxford Mail:

Gordon Piggott who runs Bonners Fruit and Veg stand next door, said all the stands work together to complement one another.

The 50-year-old from Cumnor Hill said: "It’s great for the market, especially having a place selling such high-quality fish. Any shop that opens up is good news – what’s good for them is good for everyone... if we enhance their business, they enhance ours.”

One of the owners of neighbouring 'nano pub' Teardrop, Christian Gyuricza, 44, said: “For us it’s pretty positive – we’re collaborating with them as are a lot of others.

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“If they thrive then we thrive and it’s better for everyone. People can order fresh fish from next door then wine from us and sit outside.”

Teardrop has already joined together with Pershore to offer fresh oysters and sparkling wine and, from 11am today will hold a dining event bringing together some of the freshest produce in the covered market.

The fishmongers opened two weeks later than expected, a delay the owner of Pershore Seafoods, David Witts, previously put down to Brexit with delivery of vital equipment delayed.

Oxford Mail:

Speaking previously to the Oxford Mail, he said: “It’s very frustrating - I have ordered special counters from a supplier which are coming from Portugal and ice bins which are coming from Spain - I’ve paid thousands for the kit and unfortunately I’m still waiting.

“I do think this could be something to do with Brexit - it’s definitely a possibility. Perhaps there is a concern about tariffs.”

Last November, Mr Witts met Michael Gove when the prominent Leave campaigner visited his market stand in Gloucester market.

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He said then: “I don’t blame Mr Gove for the delays - I voted leave and I still think we should leave...”

The fishmonger previously said he’d be pleased to open by Good Friday, a time when many Christians abstain from meat.

The trader sources fish from locations such as Plymouth, Brighton and Newhaven and sells a variety including cod, haddock and salmon.

Pershore Seafoods is open Tue-Sat, 8am-5.30pm.