LABOUR has been accused of publishing a ‘dishonest’ election leaflet by adding candidates to a picture taken outside a hospital.

The party’s candidates Perran Moon and Blue Watson, who will stand in Banbury on May 2, were added to a picture outside the town’s Horton Hospital.

The original picture seems to have included Labour’s group leader on Cherwell District Council, Sean Woodcock, councillor Hannah Banfield and candidate Phil Richards. They are also standing for election next month.

The picture has been included on Mr Moon's election leaflet.

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The chairman of Labour’s Banbury and Bicester party said it was ‘an honest representation of the truth’ because the five candidates have been opposed to controversial changes at the hospital.

But a resident said they would not vote for the party in the local elections because of it.

They did not want to be named but said: “I’ve always voted Labour but I’m not going to do it this time. I’m not happy with the party nationally anyway but I was going to vote for them locally.

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“After seeing that I don’t feel [Perran Moon]’s got any integrity and he’s been dishonest before he has been elected.”

They added: “I’m outraged they think it’s OK to do that. It’s so basic. Just drive up to the Horton and take a photo outside if you want a picture outside. It doesn’t take a long time to take a picture.”

But Mr Woodcock said “So what if someone did a photoshop and it's not clearly not their forte?

"Frankly if all our opponents have to attack us is maybe being a bit rubbish at photoshopping then my opinion is that we are doing quite well.”

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It has been an eventful week for Mr Moon, who will stand in the Banbury Grimsbury and Hightown ward.

On Monday, he submitted an official complaint to the county council after Conservative Liam Walker used emojis to call him a ‘bell*nd’ on Twitter.

The county council said it has yet to decide whether it will take any action against Mr Walker.

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Chris Howells, the chairman of the Banbury and Bicester constituency Labour Party, added: “The leaflet picture is an honest representation of the truth, that is, all those pictured are fervent supporters of the Save the Horton campaign and have been for many years.”

Blue Watson will stand in the Banbury Hardwick ward's by-election on May 2.

Cherwell District Council will elect 17 councillors. Mr Woodcock will look to win again in Banbury Ruscote and Ms Banfield will look to secure Banbury Cross and Neithrop. Mr Richards will stand in Banbury Calthorpe and Easington.