ALMOST 800 threatened birds have been fed by volunteers in West Oxfordshire since November.

The initiative, Bird Aid, works closely with local charity, the Wychwood Project, to help feed at-risk farmland birds during the 'hungry gap' between January and early May.

Almost 150 yellowhammers and chaffinches, almost 300 linnets and more than 330 skylarks were fed by 30 volunteers, according to the project's regular surveying.

The project targets yellowhammers, skylarks and linnets. These birds used to be able to feed on seeds in the stubble fields over winter before the land was ploughed in the spring, but the modern practice of immediate ploughing after harvest now makes it much harder for flocks of these birds to survive the winter.

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Bird Aid is recruiting more volunteers and is also keen to hear from farmers or landowners who could provide a feeding site.

If you would like to get involved, contact