AN AMERICAN student who launched a 'savage' attack outside a city nightclub, sinking his teeth into a bystander and a bouncer, has been jailed.

In sentencing Elijah Davidson, of St Thomas Street, Oxford, for the drunken fight outside the Atik club, Park End Street, a court judge called the injuries 'horrible' and 'nasty'.

The 23-year old student at a university in the US state of Georgia, had already pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault.

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Oxford Crown Court heard at his sentencing hearing yesterday how shortly before the attack in the early hours of February 19 Davidson had been kicked out of the city centre nightclub.

Detailing the incident prosecutor Julian Lynch said that Davidson then stayed outside the club together with his girlfriend.

A number of passers-by believed that he was behaving 'aggressively' towards the woman, the court heard, and one man then approached to try and calm the situation.

A fight broke out on the street and during the brawl the first victim Jacob Stuart was bitten by Davidson.

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Mr Stuart was left with 'significant bleeding' as a result of the bite to the left side of his chest, which also ripped a chunk out of his T-shirt.

Moments later a bouncer Nathan Dittings joined the fray and in a frantic bid to restrain Davidson he too was bitten.

This time the bite was aimed at his thumb and the injury was only minor.

Police soon after arrived at the scene and arrested Davidson.

At interview, the court heard, he said he was so drunk he couldn't remember the incident or the biting.

He told officers that he didn't believe it would be something he would ever do but later went on to admit the offences.

The court went on to hear that while he has no previous convictions in the UK he has convictions for breaching a restraining order in the US and is currently wanted by police there for breaching probation terms.

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In mitigation at the hearing his defence barrister Kellie Enever said that Davidson was due to graduate from university by the end of the year but this conviction would mean he would be unable to.

She added that an offer of an internship with technology giant Apple would also no longer be an option for him and said that the events of the night were 'obscured' by his drinking.

Sentencing, Judge Peter Ross said: "Mr Stuart was offering no violence at all at the time of your attack upon him.

"It was a savage attack, unprovoked [...] but a really nasty injury was sustained."

Davidson was jailed for a total of 21 months, made up of 20 months for the assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Mr Stuart, consecutive to a further one month in prison for common assault against Mr Dittings.