TWO Oxfordshire stations will get money from a train operator for improvements.

Great Western Railway has announced it is giving £37,000 to Hanborough Station and £35,000 to Didcot Parkway in the latest round of its community improvement funding scheme.

The money at Hanborough Station will pay for a study to look at whether a pedestrian and cyclist bridge could be built alongside the current road bridge.

Chairman of Hanborough Parish Council Niels Chapman said it would help establish the likely cost for such a bridge which he feels in needed because people feel unsafe walking over the existing railway crossing.

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The proposed bridge would support Oxfordshire County Council's plans to establish Hanborough as a key 'transport hub' in the area.

Leader of the county council Ian Hudspeth said: “This is good news for accessing Hanborough Station as a separate bridge will provide a safe off road bridge for both pedestrians and cyclists which should encourage more people to walk or cycle to the station; in turn reducing the congestion on the A4095.”

In Didcot the money will be spent on measures to improve the connectivity between buses and trains at the station.

Didcot is one of the largest and fastest-growing stations on the GWR network and a better interchange with buses will be offered.