ONE of four teenagers accused of a gang stabbing told jurors he took no part in any violence and had in fact screamed at the aggressors to stop.

As the trial into an alleged knife attack in Oxford continued yesterday one of the accused - a 16-year old - took to the witness box to give his version of events.

Prosecutors claim that four boys, all aged between 15 and 18 at the time, had gone out 'looking for trouble' ahead of the violent attack on November 22 last year.

Jurors have heard how alleged victim Barry Sheldon was knifed and left for dead minutes after another man was accosted and threatened with a knife in the Wood Farm area of the city.

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A 15-year old has now admitted the knife threat, and a count of robbery has been dropped, but all four continue to deny attempted murder and an alternative count of grievous bodily harm.

Only one of the accused - 18-year old Ethan Broster - can be named and the youngest - who is accused of holding the knife which injured Mr Sheldon, gave evidence last week.

Yesterday at Oxford Crown Court, another defendant - a 16-year old - took to the witness box.

He told jurors that at the start of the night while the others were throwing cones into the street he was telling them to stop and putting them back.

When their first alleged victim was approached minutes later - Doctor Benjamin Fairfax - he said he was not involved in any attempted robbery and he never saw a knife wielded by the 15-year old member of the group.

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Speaking of the second incident and alleged attempted murder of Barry Sheldon he said he saw Broster 'push' the man before Mr Sheldon hurled his cue case in the direction of the 15-year old stood nearby. A brief chase followed, the court heard, and a fight broke out.

The 16-year old said: "Ethan Broster pushed him in his back, then started fighting, throwing punches, [The 15-year old] and Broster."

He denied throwing any punches himself or joining in the violence and said that he 'froze'.

During cross examination he said that during the attack he and the fourth teenager had shouted at the others to 'stop it' and he had picked up a bottle which had been dropped in order to stop anybody from using it as a weapon.

He was also asked about blood which prosecutors say was later found on his clothing, matching that of Barry Sheldon.

Jurors were told that the blood had only been found there because after the stabbing the teenager had helped support a bleeding Ethan Broster who had claimed that he himself had been the victim of a knife attack.

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He said that at no point during the night had he seen any of the group carrying a weapon.

The trial continues.