READERS have agreed with banning parking on pavements.

Last week it was announced that a ban on parking on the kerb could be considered by the government to stop selfish drivers who block pedestrians way.

The government’s transport committee launched an inquiry into the problem and have invited people to share experiences and suggest solutions as to how it can be tackled.

As it stands, there is no national ban on parking on the pavement except in London.

Elsewhere drivers can park if it is not in a ‘dangerous position’ or causing an obstruction.

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Our readers expressed their opinions on the matter

One reader going by the name ‘Docs’ said: “Anyone who doesn’t think it’s a problem should try walking the streets with someone in a wheelchair.

“But, of course, in many streets, if people didn't park on the pavement, the whole neighbourhood would grind to a halt. Maybe part of the solution is to designate some pavements as parking places - with marked lines, as they do in some places.

"If the lines are laid out carefully, they can ensure that there is still room to pass - both on the pavement for pedestrians, pushchairs and wheelchairs, and on the street for vans and fire engines/ambulances.”

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Another reader, who has asked not to be named, sent this photo of a car completely blocking the pavement just off Barns Road in Oxford.

Oxford Mail:

Another added that pavement parking isn’t the only issue.

Shaggydougal said: “It's not just parking on pavements that's a problem. I often see people driving on the pavement outside a local school as they are too impatient for wait for oncoming traffic to pass. Each year around 40 pedestrians a year are killed on the pavement by drivers.”

WhoBobWhatPants said: “Surely if residents were allocated adequate off-street parking, or even proper parking spaces were added to Roads then people would not be forced to park on pavements??”

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And Lapwing66 replied: “I live in a road where residents all have off road parking, but parking on the pavement is still a big problem - and as there is only a pavement on one side of the road, people are forced to walk in the road.

“No-one is forced to park on the pavement.”